Microsoft’s current version of Windows on the market is Windows 10, which would imply that one day a Windows 11 could launch, right? Microsoft is expected to ship a large update for Windows later this year, codenamed Sun Valley, that is said to bring with it a brand new user experience with a new Start menu, sounds, iconography, and much more.

We understand that this update is a significant change in how Windows looks and operates, and as such, Microsoft may be considering shipping this release as something more than Windows 10. Microsoft is holding a “What’s next for Windows” event on June 24th, and a number of teases appear to imply that the company may call this next release “Windows 11.”

Windows 11 release date

Because Microsoft has committed to treating Windows 10 as a service, there is no current release date or download for a Windows 11 just yet. Instead, Microsoft will continue updating Windows 10 with new features and security patches. The next major Windows update, known widely as Sun Valley, is expected to debut in October 2021. Microsoft is planning to unveil the next generation of Windows, and the teaser appears to suggest that a “Windows 11” could be announced.

Why Windows 11 doesn’t (yet) exist

While there are several reasons why Microsoft hasn’t yet made a, and it all comes back to “Windows as a Service.” This is Microsoft’s way of making sure Windows 10 remains the latest version of Windows. Instead of releasing a fresh version of the OS every three or six years with new features and changes, the company will instead constantly update Windows 10 with those incremental updates instead.

This keeps everything clean and simple but does result in somewhat more boring OS updates, rather than Microsoft launching one big update every few years. The last handful of Windows 10 feature updates have been relatively minor with little changes, tweaking smaller aspects of the experience, rather than changing the look and feel of the OS.

With that in mind, Microsoft could still ship a Windows 11 while maintaining its “Windows as a Service” promise. Windows 11 could just be the name of the next Windows 10 feature update, delivered in the exact same way as previous Windows 10 feature updates have been. It would be free, seamless, and easy to install.

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