Working in the corporate world for many years, RichardTech owner, Richard Ovalle, Jr. understands the need for reliable IT. In today’s rapidly changing IT environment, adaptability is critical to maintain continuity in any business setting.  Minor interruptions can result in major downtime and significant financial loss, as well as customer dissatisfaction.  RichardTech’s number one goal is to ensure that this never happens to any of our customers.

We pride ourselves on mentoring clients, helping them to understand the technology they are using. At RichardTech, we have not only the expertise but also the passion to teach and learn, to help others, and to create innovative and creative solutions to difficult IT problems.  

RichardTech has seen tremendous growth year after year due to exceptional customer service, empathetic partnerships with clients, and state-of-the-art skills and expertise.  In business for over 14 years, we now serve hundreds of business and individual clients every year.  We are gratified that our customers rely on us and trust us to provide them with a full range of IT services.