Business/Home IT Support:

Computer repairs:
This could include Computer Hardware repairs, such as replacing components like hard drives, memory, and power supplies, or software repairs, like fixing operating system errors or virus removal.

You could offer services related to setting up and troubleshooting networks, including wired and wireless networks.

Data recovery:
If a client’s computer or device has suffered a hardware failure, you could offer data recovery services to help retrieve essential files and documents.

System upgrades:
You could help clients upgrade their computers or devices by installing new components like memory or storage or upgrading their operating systems.

As a tech expert, you could offer consulting services to businesses or individuals who need advice on which hardware or software to buy or how to optimize their technology for their specific needs.

Many people need help learning how to use their devices or software. You could offer training services either remotely or in-person to teach clients how to use their technology more effectively.

Business/Personal WordPress Website:

  • Consultation
  • Cloud Server Setup
  • Assistance with Designing
  • Business, Personal, Blog
  • Installation of WordPress Software
  • WordPress Plugins and Widgets Management
  • WordPress Update Management
  • Media Upload
  • Multiple users setup
  • Complete WordPress Setup.